Zum effekt von phytase auf die scheinbare verdaulichkeit und gesamtverwertung von eisen, kupfer, zink und mangan bei abgestufter Ca-versorgung in der ferkelaufzucht und in der broilermast

W. Windisch, M. Kirchgessner

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In a 2factorial experiment with piglets and broilers microbial phytase was added to the diet and Ca contents were modified. The phytase levels were 0 U/kg, 300 U/kg, 600 U/kg, 1000 U/kg (piglets) and 0 U/kg, 200 U/kg, 400 U/kg, 600 U/kg, 1000 u/kg (broilers), the Ca content 0.65 % vs. 0.81 % (piglets) and 0.62 % vs. 0.79 % (broilers). Dietary P contents were kept constant at 0.46 % (piglets) and 0.59 % (broilers). Contents of Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn were 199 ppm, 136 ppm, 24 ppm and 74 ppm in the piglet diet and 250 ppm, 17 ppm, 73 ppm and 80 ppm in the broiler diet. In the piglet trial the apparent digestibility increased curvilinearily with rising phytase levels up to 5.4 (Fe), 5.7 (Cu), 5.6 (Zn) and 2.9 (Mn) percentage units. High dietary Ca contents changed apparent digestibilities by-2.0 (Fe), +4.1 (Cu), +0.5 (Zn) and +2.9 (Mn) as compared to low Ca diets. In broilers rising phytase levels increased gross utilization in a curvilinear manner up to 5.1 (Fe), 4.5 (Cu), 8.4 (Zn) and 3.8 (Mn) percentage units. With high dietary Ca contents the gross utilization changed by-2.2 (Fe), +1.5 (Cu), -3.4 (Zn) and +1.4 (Mn) percentage units.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)23-29
Number of pages7
JournalAgribiological Research: Zeitschrift fuer Agrarbiologie -Agrikulturchemie -Oekologie
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1996

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