Veränderungen des Lebensmittelverzehrs während der Tag-zu-Tag-Schwankungen der Energieaufnahme bei Adipösen

Translated title of the contribution: Contribution of food items to the day-to-day fluctuation of energy intake in obese subjects

V. Schusdziarra, M. Sassen, M. Hausmann, J. Erdmann

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Background Daily energy intake is not constant and fluctuates by 1200 kcal within 10 days. The present paper analyses the contribution of the various food groups to these short-term fluctuations of energy intake. Methods 2800 dietary records of 280 overweight and obese subjects were analyzed prior to the start of obesity treatment. Results Food groups which contribute substantially to the observed changes of energy intake are bread, chocolate and nuts, sausages, cake, cheese, fastfood, meat, butter and oil. Apart from unprocessed meat food with low energy density plays no major role. The rise of energy intake is due to both an increase of consumed food quantity and the frequency of consumption. Changes of food quantity of individual food groups are in the range of 20-60 g during the 10 day period which is so little that it will not be recognized in the perspective of a fluctuation of total daily food quantity by 500g. Conclusion These data give insight into the eating habits of overweight and obese patients. The fluctuation of energy intake is due to an additive effect of many different food groups. Therefore, a reduction of energy intake during obesity treatment requires changes of several food groups to avoid too dramatic changes of eating habits. Since the reduction of food quantity can lead to inadequate satiety food intake should be shifted from food items with high energy density to those with lower energy density.

Translated title of the contributionContribution of food items to the day-to-day fluctuation of energy intake in obese subjects
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)278-286
Number of pages9
JournalAktuelle Ernahrungsmedizin
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2009
Externally publishedYes


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