The upgrade project of the RICH-1 of the COMPASS experiment

P. Abbon, M. Alekseev, H. Angerer, R. Birsa, M. Bordalo, F. Bradamante, A. Bressan, L. Busso, M. Chiosso, P. Ciliberti, Cobanoglu, M. L. Colantoni, S. Dalla Torre, T. Dafni, E. Delagnes, H. Deshamps, V. Diaz, N. Dibiase, V. Duic, W. EyrichD. Faso, A. Ferrero, M. Finger, H. Fischer, S. Gerassimov, M. Giorgi, B. Gobbo, R. Hagemann, D. Von Harrach, F. H. Heinsius, R. Joosten, B. Ketzer, K. K. Önigsmann, V. N. Kolosov, I. Konorov, F. Kunne, A. Lehmann, S. Levorato, A. Maggiora, A. Magnon, A. Mann, A. Martin, G. Mazza, G. Menon, A. Mutter, O. Nahle, F. Nerling, D. Neyret, S. Panebianco, D. Panzieri, S. Paul, G. Pesaro, J. Polak, D. Rebourgeard, F. Robinet, E. Rocco, P. Schiavon, C. Schill, W. Schr Öder, L. Silva, M. Slunecka, F. Sozzi, L. Steiger, M. Sulc, M. Svec, S. Takekawa, F. Tessarotto, A. Teufel, H. Wollny

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


A major upgrade of the RICH-1 of the COMPASS Experiment at CERN has been designed and implemented in less than two years, during the SPS shut-down period and the upgraded detector is successfully in operation since the 2006 SPS run. It is a twofold project: in the peripheral region the existing Multi Wires Proportional Chambers with CsI are unchanged but they have been equipped with a new faster read-out electronics, while the photon detectors of the central region have been replaced with a completely new fast photon-detection system. It is based on the use of Multi-Anode Photo-Multipliers (MAPMTs) coupled to individual fused silica lens telescopes and read out by a fast electronics based on the MAD4 preamplifier-discriminator chip and the F1 TDC chip. For the 2009 SPS run an upgraded version of the MAD4 chip, the CMAD, has been designed in CMOS technology and implemented on the RICH-1, in order to match the specific features imposed by the fast MAPMTs, which guarantee full efficiency up to 5MHz per channel, thus overcoming the limitation of MAD4 at1MHz per channel. We present the photon-detection design and construction and its characterization and measured performances. The full-custom ASIC CMAD will be also shortly described together with its performances.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
StatePublished - 2009
Externally publishedYes
Event21st Conference on High Energy Physics, IFAE 2009 - Bari, Italy
Duration: 15 Apr 200917 Apr 2009


Conference21st Conference on High Energy Physics, IFAE 2009


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