The mosaic bioprosthesis in the aortic position: 17 years' results

Brigitte Gansera, Alexander Hapfelmeier, Kristina Brandl, Kyriakos Spiliopoulos, Felix Gundling, Walter Eichinger

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Background The Mosaic bioprosthesis (Medtronic Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States), a stented porcine aortic valve, combines glutaraldehyde fixation with zero-pressure, root-pressure techniques and antimineralization treatment with amino-oleic acid for improved hemodynamics and tissue durability. The first device has been implanted worldwide at the authors' institution in September 1993. The aim of the present study was to collect mid- to long-term data of the prosthesis. Materials and Methods A total of 272 patients (124 males and 148 females) underwent isolated aortic valve replacement with the Mosaic bioprosthesis between September 1993 and August 2007. Median age at implant was 76.8 years (range, 31.3 to 90.7). Median follow-up was 12.0 years (range, 0 to 17.2 years); follow-up was complete for 223 (82%) patients. Results Early mortality (30 days) was 4% (12 patients). Overall survival at 5, 10, 15, and 17 years was 68.6% ± 3.1%, 36.4% ± 3.3%, 17.1% ± 3.6%, and 10.7% ± 4.3%, respectively. Eleven late deaths (5%) were cardiac related. There were 24 thromboembolic events, 1 hemorrhagic, and 6 reoperations/explants. At a median follow-up of 12 years, freedom from any cause of death was 27.0% ± 3.2% acting as a competing risk for the incidence of thromboembolic events (16.4% ± 3.5%), hemorrhage (0.5% ± 0.5%), and reoperation/explant (4.1% ± 1.8%). Two redos were due to structural valve deterioration (SVD), two for nonstructural dysfunction (paravalvular leakage), one for thrombosed prosthesis, and one for endocarditis. Conclusions Performance and late outcome of the Mosaic bioprosthesis was satisfactory during 17 years after clinical introduction. The Mosaic bioprosthesis showed low incidence of SVD or need for reoperation in the long term.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)26-34
Number of pages9
JournalThoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 2014
Externally publishedYes


  • aortic valve replacement
  • bioprosthesis


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