The Challenge of Cleaning Woven Filter Cloth in the Beverage Industry—Wash Jets as an Appropriate Solution

Roman Alejandro Werner, Dominik Ulrich Geier, Thomas Becker

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Beverage production requires many different and complex unit operations. One crucial procedural step is filtration. Typical filters are filter presses, candle filters, membrane filters, belt filters, and drum filters, which require considerable hygienic precaution and the application of appropriate cleaning concepts. In the last decades, the hygienic design has become a central design feature of equipment in the beverage and food industries. Today, also correspondent concepts regarding filter cloth increasingly come to the fore. However, filter cloth cleaning is rapidly facing limitations. Complex filter geometries originating from different gauzes and sensitive polymeric materials hinder efficient cleaning. Additionally, extensive biological residues adhering to the filter surface increase the challenge of cleaning. The goal of this paper is to outline the cleaning of woven filter cloths systematically with a particular focus on beverages and correspondent biophysical interactions between filter and residue. Based on these elemental cleaning limits of filter cloths, this paper focuses mainly on jet cleaning as one of the most appropriate cleaning methods. The flow-mechanical properties are discussed in detail since these are precisely the parameters that, on the one hand, describe the understanding of the cleaning process and, on the other hand, show how a wash jet can be adjusted precisely. In contrast to conventional cleaning techniques, such wash jets are expeditious to adapt and offer the best prerequisites to enable demand-oriented and optimized cleaning concepts. The latest research and approaches are enhancing jet efficiency and highlight their potentials for future process strategies.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)520-545
Number of pages26
JournalFood Engineering Reviews
Issue number4
StatePublished - Dec 2020


  • Biophysics of adhesion
  • Cleaning
  • Filter cloth
  • Filter media
  • The beverage industry
  • Wash jets


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