Temporal oscillations of retinal vessel diameter in healthy volunteers of different age

K. E. Kotliar, I. M. Lanzl, W. Vilser, A. Schmidt-Trucksäss, M. Halle, I. M. Lanzl

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Purpose. We investigated whether temporal oscillations of the retinal vessel diameter, as measured with the dynamic vessel analyzer (DVA), undergo age-related changes. Methods. Vessel diameters of retinal arterial and venous segments were examined with the DVA in 28 medically healthy volunteers divided into two age groups of 14 persons each: young subjects (21-32 years) and seniors (52-70 years). Continuous temporal records of vessel diameter were mathematically evaluated and divided into high-frequency (period <1.5 s) and low-frequency (period =1.5 s) oscillations.Results. The phase difference between temporal arterial and venous vessel diameter records was higher in the young group [0.6 (0.1, 3.3)] s [median (1st quartile, 3rd quartile)] compared with the seniors [0.1 (-0.4, 0.3) s]. There was a difference in the periodicity in veins between the groups and, in seniors, between the arteries and the veins.Conclusions. High-frequency oscillations of vessel diameter correspond to the heartbeat. These were expressed more in seniors. Low-frequency oscillations were well expressed in young subjects. Our results show significant age-related alterations in retinal vessel regulation.

Translated title of the contributionZeitliche Schwingungen retinaler Gefäßdurchmesser bei Gesunden unterschiedlichen Alters. Kreuz- und Autokorrelation für dynamische
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)609-618
Number of pages10
Issue number7
StatePublished - 2009


  • Periodicity
  • Signal analysis
  • Spontaneous venous pulsation
  • Vasomotion
  • Vessel diameter


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