Strong Absorption of Hadrons with Hidden and Open Strangeness in Nuclear Matter

J. Adamczewski-Musch, O. Arnold, E. T. Atomssa, C. Behnke, A. Belounnas, A. Belyaev, J. C. Berger-Chen, J. Biernat, A. Blanco, C. Blume, M. Böhmer, S. Chernenko, L. Chlad, P. Chudoba, I. Ciepał, C. Deveaux, D. Dittert, J. Dreyer, E. Epple, L. FabbiettiO. Fateev, P. Fonte, C. Franco, J. Friese, I. Fröhlich, T. Galatyuk, J. A. Garzón, R. Gernhäuser, M. Golubeva, R. Greifenhagen, F. Guber, M. Gumberidze, S. Harabasz, T. Heinz, T. Hennino, C. Höhne, R. Holzmann, A. Ierusalimov, A. Ivashkin, B. Kämpfer, B. Kardan, I. Koenig, W. Koenig, B. W. Kolb, G. Korcyl, G. Kornakov, F. Kornas, R. Kotte, J. Kuboś, A. Kugler, T. Kunz, A. Kurepin, A. Kurilkin, P. Kurilkin, V. Ladygin, R. Lalik, K. Lapidus, A. Lebedev, S. Linev, L. Lopes, M. Lorenz, T. Mahmoud, L. Maier, A. Malige, J. Markert, S. Maurus, V. Metag, J. Michel, D. M. Mihaylov, V. Mikhaylov, S. Morozov, C. Müntz, R. Münzer, L. Naumann, K. Nowakowski, Y. Parpottas, V. Pechenov, O. Pechenova, O. Petukhov, J. Pietraszko, A. P. Prozorov, W. Przygoda, B. Ramstein, N. Rathod, A. Reshetin, P. Rodriguez-Ramos, A. Rost, A. Sadovsky, P. Salabura, T. Scheib, K. Schmidt-Sommerfeld, H. Schuldes, E. Schwab, F. Scozzi, F. Seck, P. Sellheim, J. Siebenson, L. Silva, J. Smyrski, S. Spataro, S. Spies, H. Ströbele, J. Stroth, P. Strzempek, C. Sturm, O. Svoboda, M. Szala, P. Tlusty, M. Traxler, H. Tsertos, C. Ungethüm, O. Vázquez Doce, V. Wagner, C. Wendisch, M. G. Wiebusch, J. Wirth, D. Wójcik, Y. Zanevsky, P. Zumbruch, C. Curceanu, K. Piscicchia, A. Scordo

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We present the first observation of K- and φ absorption within nuclear matter by means of π - induced reactions on C and W targets at an incident beam momentum of 1.7 GeV/c studied with HADES at SIS18/GSI. The double ratio (K-/K+)W/(K-/K+)C is found to be 0.319±0.009(stat)-0.012+0.014(syst) indicating a larger absorption of K- in heavier targets as compared to lighter ones. The measured φ/K- ratios in π-+C and π-+W reactions within the HADES acceptance are found to be equal to 0.55±0.04(stat)-0.07+0.06(syst) and to 0.63±0.06(stat)-0.11+0.11(syst), respectively. The similar ratios measured in the two different reactions demonstrate for the first time experimentally that the dynamics of the φ meson in nuclear medium is strongly coupled to the K- dynamics. The large difference in the φ production off C and W nuclei is discussed in terms of a strong φN in-medium coupling. These results are relevant for the description of heavy-ion collisions and the structure of neutron stars.

Original languageEnglish
Article number022002
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number2
StatePublished - 9 Jul 2019


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