Spin-Wave Optics in YIG Realized by Ion-Beam Irradiation

Martina Kiechle, Adam Papp, Simon Mendisch, Valentin Ahrens, Matthias Golibrzuch, Gary H. Bernstein, Wolfgang Porod, Gyorgy Csaba, Markus Becherer

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Direct focused-ion-beam writing is presented as an enabling technology for realizing functional spin-wave devices of high complexity, and demonstrate its potential by optically-inspired designs. It is shown that ion-beam irradiation changes the characteristics of yttrium iron garnet films on a submicron scale in a highly controlled way, allowing one to engineer the magnonic index of refraction adapted to desired applications. This technique does not physically remove material, and allows rapid fabrication of high-quality architectures of modified magnetization in magnonic media with minimal edge damage (compared to more common removal techniques such as etching or milling). By experimentally showing magnonic versions of a number of optical devices (lenses, gratings, Fourier-domain processors) this technology is envisioned as the gateway to building magnonic computing devices that rival their optical counterparts in their complexity and computational power.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2207293
Issue number21
StatePublished - 24 May 2023


  • focused ion beam in yttrium iron garnet
  • optomagnonics
  • spin wave computing


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