Palladium-catalyzed carbonylations of highly substituted olefins using CO-surrogates

Rui Sang, Carolin Schneider, Rauf Razzaq, Helfried Neumann, Ralf Jackstell, Matthias Beller

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The first active catalyst system for the carbonylation of tri- and tetra-substituted olefins with paraformaldehyde and methyl formate is described. Specifically, using 1.0 mol% Pd(OAc)2 and 4.0 mol% 1,2-bis-(tert-butylpyridylphosphino)xylene L3 in the presence of 5.0 mol% PTSA·H2O, and 0.5 mol% Pd(OAc)2 and 2.0 mol% L3 in the presence of 8.0 mol% PTSA·H2O, respectively, allowed the corresponding linear esters to be obtained in good yields and selectivities.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3681-3685
Number of pages5
JournalOrganic Chemistry Frontiers
Issue number22
StatePublished - 21 Nov 2020
Externally publishedYes


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