Translated title of the contribution: Climatotherapy (in atopic dermatitis)

E. Vocks, S. Borelli, J. Rakoski

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The climatotherapy for atopic dermatitis is a classical dermatological in-clinic therapy carried through in special positive therapeutically proven rough and stimulating climate areas; primarily the North Sea climate and certain mountain valley locations over 1500 m above sea-level. This is an extensively proven therapeuticum which has, in comparison to the dermatological therapies that can be applied at home, as a rule less side effects and above all an additionally long lasting-time effect. Latter being of particular importance regarding chronical diseases that can't be achieved by other therapies. Therefore the climatotherapy for atopic dermatitis represents an all entailing therapy form and is additionally anyway the most complete therapy. A climatotherapy for atopic dermatitis can only be performed in rough and stimulating climate zones with additionally special isolation-, thermic-hygric- and allergen-poor aerosol conditions. On the one hand the organism is generally stabilized by those climatic conditions, on the other hand constitutionally damaged skin is positively effected by direct climate factors. Because every single climate has its specific positive effect, the therapeutical immediate - and long-lasting time effect of a climate has to be proven scientifically by follow-up studies. Direct causalities between characteristics of single climate elements and the course of atopic dermatitis are scientifically very difficult to register and therefore require extensive tabulations and many comparable studies. In our own study in the mountain valley of Davos, 1560 m above sea level in the Swiss Alpes, for the first time a significant causality between pruritus in atopic dermatitis and single meteorological factors could be proven. This study only showes one particular aspect of the complete causality in a specific climate. As long as formal, intensive knowledge about crucial effects of the single climate factors - because of basic, methodical problems regarding the registration of various causalities - is missing, the research studies concerning the influence of the climate on the course of the disease have to be based on the therapeutical results and therefore on the complete effect of a specific climate.

Translated title of the contributionClimatotherapy (in atopic dermatitis)
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)208-213
Number of pages6
Issue number5
StatePublished - 1994


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