K∗(892)+ production in proton-proton collisions at Ebeam=3.5 GeV

G. Agakishiev, O. Arnold, D. Belver, A. Belyaev, J. C. Berger-Chen, A. Blanco, M. Böhmer, J. L. Boyard, P. Cabanelas, S. Chernenko, A. Dybczak, E. Epple, L. Fabbietti, O. Fateev, P. Finocchiaro, P. Fonte, J. Friese, I. Fröhlich, T. Galatyuk, J. A. GarzónR. Gernhäuser, K. Göbel, M. Golubeva, D. González-Díaz, F. Guber, M. Gumberidze, T. Heinz, T. Hennino, R. Holzmann, A. Ierusalimov, I. Iori, A. Ivashkin, M. Jurkovic, B. Kämpfer, T. Karavicheva, I. Koenig, W. Koenig, B. W. Kolb, G. Korcyl, G. Kornakov, R. Kotte, A. Krása, F. Krizek, R. Krücken, H. Kuc, W. Kühn, A. Kugler, T. Kunz, A. Kurepin, V. Ladygin, R. Lalik, K. Lapidus, A. Lebedev, L. Lopes, M. Lorenz, L. Maier, A. Mangiarotti, J. Markert, V. Metag, J. Michel, D. Mihaylov, C. Müntz, R. Münzer, L. Naumann, Y. C. Pachmayer, M. Palka, Y. Parpottas, V. Pechenov, O. Pechenova, J. Pietraszko, W. Przygoda, B. Ramstein, A. Reshetin, A. Rustamov, A. Sadovsky, P. Salabura, A. Schmah, E. Schwab, J. Siebenson, Yu G. Sobolev, S. Spataro, B. Spruck, H. Ströbele, J. Stroth, C. Sturm, O. Svoboda, A. Tarantola, K. Teilab, P. Tlusty, M. Traxler, H. Tsertos, T. Vasiliev, V. Wagner, M. Weber, C. Wendisch, J. Wüstenfeld, S. Yurevich, Y. Zanevsky

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We present results on the K∗(892)+ production in proton-proton collisions at a beam energy of E=3.5 GeV, which is hitherto the lowest energy at which this mesonic resonance has been observed in nucleon-nucleon reactions. The data are interpreted within a two-channel model that includes the three-body production of K∗(892)+ associated with the Λ or Σ hyperon. The relative contributions of both channels are estimated. Besides the total cross section σ(p+p→K∗(892)++X)=9.5±0.9-0.9+1.1±0.7μb, which adds a new data point to the excitation function of the K∗(892)+ production in the region of low excess energy, transverse momenta and angular spectra are extracted and compared with the predictions of the two-channel model. The spin characteristics of K∗(892)+ are discussed as well in terms of the spin-alignment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number024903
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number2
StatePublished - 6 Aug 2015


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