Introduction to advances in telerobotics

Manuel Ferre, Martin Buss, Rafael Aracil, Claudio Melchiorri, Carlos Balaguer

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The objective of atelerobotic system is to connect humans and robots in order to reproduce operator actions at a distance. We must take numerous matters into account in order to efficiently produce such interaction, most of which are related to human interaction, distributed control, and information flow between operator and remote robots. All these topics are dealt with in depth in this book.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdavances in Telerobotics
EditorsManuel Ferre, Martin Buss, Claudio Melciorri, Carlos Balaguer
Number of pages7
StatePublished - 2007

Publication series

NameSpringer Tracts in Advanced Robotics
ISSN (Print)1610-7438
ISSN (Electronic)1610-742X


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