ICRF specific plasma wall interactions in JET with the ITER-like wall

Vl Bobkov, G. Arnoux, S. Brezinsek, J. W. Coenen, L. Colas, M. Clever, A. Czarnecka, F. Braun, R. Dux, A. Huber, P. Jacquet, C. Klepper, E. Lerche, C. Maggi, F. Marcotte, M. Maslov, G. Matthews, M. L. Mayoral, K. McCormick, A. MeigsD. Milanesio, I. Monakhov, R. Neu, J. M. Noterdaeme, Th Pütterich, F. Rimini, G. Van Rooj, G. Sergienko, D. Van Eester

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A variety of plasma wall interactions (PWIs) during operation of the so-called A2 ICRF antennas is observed in JET with the ITER-like wall. Amongst effects of the PWIs, the W content increase is the most significant, especially at low plasma densities. No increase of W source from the main divertor and entrance of the outer divertor during ICRF compared to NBI phases was found by means of spectroscopic and WI (400.9 nm) imaging diagnostics. In contrary, the W flux there is higher during NBI. Charge exchange neutrals of hydrogen isotopes could be excluded as considerable contributors to the W source. The high W content in ICRF heated limiter discharges suggests the possibility of other W sources than the divertor alone. Dependencies of PWIs to individual ICRF antennas during q95-scans, and intensification of those for the -90° phasing, indicate a link between the PWIs and the antenna near-fields. The PWIs include heat loads and Be sputtering pattern on antenna limiters. Indications of some PWIs at the outer divertor entrance are observed which do not result in higher W flux compared to the NBI phases, but are characterized by small antenna-specific (up to 25% with respect to ohmic phases) bipolar variations of WI emission. The first TOPICA calculations show a particularity of the A2 antennas compared to the ITER antenna, due to the presence of long antenna limiters in the RF image current loop and thus high near-fields across the most part of the JET outer wall.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S160-S165
JournalJournal of Nuclear Materials
Issue numberSUPPL
StatePublished - 2013
Externally publishedYes


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