First measurement of the Kn →Λπ non-resonant transition amplitude below threshold

K. Piscicchia, S. Wycech, L. Fabbietti, M. Cargnelli, C. Curceanu, R. Del Grande, J. Marton, P. Moskal, A. Scordo, M. Silarski, D. Sirghi, M. Skurzok, I. Tucakovic, O. Vázquez Doce, J. Zmeskal, P. Branchini, E. Czerwinski, V. De Leo, E. De Lucia, A. Di CiccoP. Fermani, S. Fiore, W. Krzemien, G. Mandaglio, M. Martini, E. Perez del Rio, A. Selce

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We present the analysis of K absorption processes on He4 leading to Λπ final states, measured with the KLOE spectrometer at the DAΦNE e+e collider and extract, for the first time, the modulus of the non-resonant Kn →Λπ direct production amplitude about 33 MeV below the K‾N threshold. This analysis also allows to disentangle the K nuclear absorption at-rest from the in-flight capture, for K momenta of about 120 MeV. The data are interpreted with the help of a phenomenological model, and the modulus of the non-resonant Kn →Λπ amplitude for K absorption at-rest is found to be |AKn→Λπ |=(0.334±0.018stat−0.058 +0.034syst)fm.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)339-345
Number of pages7
JournalPhysics Letters B
StatePublished - 10 Jul 2018


  • Antikaon interactions in nuclear matter
  • Strangeness nuclear physics
  • Strong interaction


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