Expertenempfehlung zur Magnetresonanztomographie bei Muskelerkrankungen

Translated title of the contribution: Expert recommendations for magnetic resonance imaging of muscle disorders

Rachel Zeng, Sarah Schlaeger, Matthias Türk, Thomas Baum, Marcus Deschauer, Rolf Janka, Dimitrios Karampinos, Jan Kassubek, Sarah Keller-Yamamura, Cornelia Kornblum, Helmar Lehmann, Thorsten Lichtenstein, Armin M. Nagel, Jens Reimann, Angela Rosenbohm, Lara Schlaffke, Manuel Schmidt, Christiane Schneider-Gold, Benedikt Schoser, Regina TrollmannMatthias Vorgerd, Marc André Weber, Jan S. Kirschke, Jens Schmidt

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Background: Magnetic resonance (MRI) imaging of the skeletal muscles (muscle MRI for short) is increasingly being used in clinical routine for diagnosis and longitudinal assessment of muscle disorders. However, cross-centre standards for measurement protocol and radiological assessment are still lacking. Objectives: The aim of this expert recommendation is to present standards for the application and interpretation of muscle MRI in hereditary and inflammatory muscle disorders. Methods: This work was developed in collaboration between neurologists, neuroradiologists, radiologists, neuropaediatricians, neuroscientists and MR physicists from different university hospitals in Germany. The recommendations are based on expert knowledge and a focused literature search. Results: The indications for muscle MRI are explained, including the detection and monitoring of structural tissue changes and oedema in the muscle, as well as the identification of a suitable biopsy site. Recommendations for the examination procedure and selection of appropriate MRI sequences are given. Finally, steps for a structured radiological assessment are presented. Conclusions: The present work provides concrete recommendations for the indication, implementation and interpretation of muscle MRI in muscle disorders. Furthermore, it provides a possible basis for the standardisation of the measurement protocols at all clinical centres in Germany.

Translated title of the contributionExpert recommendations for magnetic resonance imaging of muscle disorders
Original languageGerman
StateAccepted/In press - 2024
Externally publishedYes


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