Entwicklung von Prozessen zum Tiefnitrieren von Zahnrädern

Translated title of the contribution: Design of Deep Nitriding Treatments for Gears

Stefanie Hoja, Franz Hoffmann, Hans Werner Zoch, Stefan Schurer, Thomas Tobie, Karsten Stahl

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle

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The load capacity of gears, especially the flank and root capacity, can be significantly increased by a nitriding treatment. The fatigue strength and the lifetime of nitrided components increase with increasing nitriding depth. The nitriding depth required depends on the size of the gearing. In practice, a nitriding hardness depth (NHD or Nht) of about 0.6 mm is considered as a limit, so that with increasing size the gearings are predominantly case hardened. Deep nitriding means that the nitriding hardness depth is about 0.8-1.0 mm, so a significant increase in the capacity of nitrided gearings in medium and large size is expected by this treatment. Due to the higher nitriding hardness depth, deep nitrided gears offer a better bearing capacity compared to conventionally nitrided gears. They are also suitable for use in dry running, lack of lubrication, and use at operating temperatures above the typical annealing temperatures of case hardened gears. Because of the lower treatment temperatures during deep nitriding compared to case hardening long treatment times must be taken into account in order to achieve comparable hardness depths. By experiments with short treatment times, the annealing and nitriding behavior of various steels was investigated and afterwards material dependent processes were developed to produce high nitriding depths. The focus was on a multistage process design in order to control the compound layer thickness and the change in core strength due to annealing effects.

Translated title of the contributionDesign of Deep Nitriding Treatments for Gears
Original languageGerman
Number of pages10
Specialist publicationHTM - Journal of Heat Treatment and Materials
StatePublished - Dec 2015
Externally publishedYes


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