Draft force reduction by an electrification unit on implements

Translated title of the contribution: Draft force reduction by an electrification unit on implements

Jochen Georg Wiecha, Kathrin Lina Martha Ziegler, Heinz Bernhardt

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Electrification is done in newer tractors hesitantly. There will be an increase in the need for electrified mounted implements and application units. Semi-liquid manure and degestate from biogas crops are increasingly injected directly into the soil. This technique reduces nutrient losses and ammonia emissions. In the case of loamy soils and clay, a high draft force is needed for slurry deposition into the soil. With the development and testing of an application unit with reduced working width of 3 m, the draft force reduction was found to be lower by nearly one third. The field trials have been performed in two steps: First, a prototype with spiked roller and star packer as a traction element on the roller unit in 3-m working width and second, a final slurry grubber with 6-m working width and cutting coulter on the traction roller. We tested both devices with and without powering the electrified traction roller. These field tests took place on six fields near Freising in Germany. Results showed that firstly, draft force reduction up to 35% was achieved with a powered traction roller on the mounted implement having 20% slippage on the traction roller. These values were obtained by pulling a tractor with the electrified implement by another tractor in a horizontal ground level. Second, we observed a different variation range of the values among the three test fields. This results from differences in the soil structure on the test fields having pebbles and stones near the soil surface or bigger stones down the working depth of 22.5 cm. The presented results show new kinds of working scenarios and operation modes for agriculture. Electrification can be an advantage in taking care of nutrient losses and ammonia emissions as it leads to a draft force reduction on heavy soils.

Translated title of the contributionDraft force reduction by an electrification unit on implements
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)105-111
Number of pages7
Issue number3
StatePublished - 18 Nov 2021


  • draft force
  • electrification
  • mounted implements
  • reduction


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