Combined use of CYFRA 21-1 and CA 125 predicts survival of patients with metastatic NSCLC and stable disease in IMpower150

Anika Mang, Wei Zou, Vinzent Rolny, Martin Reck, Daniel Cigoianu, Katja Schulze, Stefan Holdenrieder, Mark A. Socinski, David S. Shames, Birgit Wehnl, Namrata S. Patil

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BACKGROUND: Patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and stable disease (SD) have an unmet clinical need to help guide early treatment adjustments. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the potential of tumor biomarkers to inform on survival outcomes in NSCLC SD patients. METHODS: This post hoc analysis included 480 patients from the IMpower150 study with metastatic NSCLC, treated with chemotherapy, atezolizumab and bevacizumab combinations, who had SD at first CT scan (post-treatment initiation). Patients were stratified into high- and low-risk groups (overall survival [OS] and progression-free survival [PFS] outcomes) based on serum tumor biomarker levels. RESULTS: The CYFRA 21-1 and CA 125 biomarker combination predicted OS and PFS in patients with SD. Risk of death was ~4-fold higher for the biomarker-stratified high-risk versus low-risk SD patients (hazard ratio [HR] 3.80; 95% confidence interval [CI] 3.02-4.78; p < 0.0001). OS in patients with the low- and high-risk SD was comparable to that in patients with the CT-defined partial response (PR; HR 1.10; 95% CI 0.898-1.34) and progressive disease (PD) (HR 1.05; 95% CI 0.621-1.77), respectively. The findings were similar with PFS, and consistent across treatment arms. CONCLUSIONS: Biomarker testing shows potential for providing prognostic information to help direct treatment in NSCLC patients with SD. Prospective clinical studies are warranted.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S177-S190
JournalTumor Biology
Issue numbers1
StatePublished - Mar 2024


  • Metastatic
  • biomarkers
  • non-small cell lung cancer
  • prognosis
  • stable disease
  • survival


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