Bestimmung des verlustverhaltens und der wärmebilanz von wälzlagern

T. Jurkschat, M. Otto, T. Lohner, K. Stahl

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


Rolling bearings play an important role in the design of gear transmissions. For a successful process, the best type and size of the rolling bearings has to be defined in an early stage of development. H owever, high operational reliability and economic viability depends on durability, as well as on the frictional and temperature behavior of the rolling bearings. Practical methods to calculate the loss torque of rolling bearings according to the state of the art partly show significant differences among each other. In addition, the calculated loss torques frequently show high deviations compared to measured values in practice. Thus, comprehensive experimental investigations at the FZG bearing power loss test rig have been carried out in a collective FVA research project investigating the losses and temperatures of rolling bearings. In this paper, the principle of the FZG bearing power loss test rig is shown and selected results of the experimental investigations are compared to the calculation methods according to state of the art. Finally, measures for an improved estimation of the loss torque of rolling bearings are given.

Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationVDI Berichte
PublisherVDI Verlag GMBH
Number of pages10
ISBN (Print)9783180922911, 9783180922928, 9783180922935, 9783180922942, 9783180922959, 9783180922966, 9783180922973, 9783180922980, 9783180922997, 9783180923000, 9783180923017, 9783180923024, 9783180923031, 9783180923048, 9783180923055, 9783180923062, 9783180923079, 9783180923086, 9783180923093, 9783180923109, 9783180923116, 9783180923123, 9783180923130, 9783180923147, 9783180923154, 9783180923161, 9783180923192
StatePublished - 2017
Event12th VDI Conference on Sliding and Rolling Bearings, 2017 - Schweinfurt, Germany
Duration: 27 Jun 201728 Jun 2017

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NameVDI Berichte
ISSN (Print)0083-5560


Conference12th VDI Conference on Sliding and Rolling Bearings, 2017

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