Begutachtung der historischen Lager des Chemnitzer Viadukts

Martin Mensinger, Dorina Siebert, Michael Schäfers, Kurt Tutzer, Nadine Thomas, Drilon Gubetini, Karsten Heßeln

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Assessment of the historic bearings of the Chemnitz viaduct. The Chemnitz viaduct was built at the beginning of the 20th century and has been refurbished in recent years in line with its listed status. This required, among other things, an assessment of the reuse of the bearings consisting of individual cast components. The assessment included standard non-destructive and destructive testing as well as numerical calculations to verify the load-bearing capacity. As a novel addition, casting simulations, 3D scans of the bearings to record the actual condition and fracture mechanical investigations to assess the risk of brittle fracture and possible crack propagation were carried out. Among other things, difficult accessibility and complex load conditions posed a challenge. This paper presents the bearing concept and the methodology of the assessment and describes the individual components with the associated results. The extensive assessment allowed for the continued use of most of the bearing components.

Original languageGerman
Number of pages11
Specialist publicationStahlbau
StatePublished - Mar 2024
Externally publishedYes

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