Auditory-visual scenes for hearing research

Steven Van De Par, Stephan D. Ewert, Lubos Hladek, Christoph Kirsch, Julia Schütze, Josep Llorca-Bofí, Giso Grimm, Maartje M.E. Hendrikse, Birger Kollmeier, Bernhard U. Seeber

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While experimentation with synthetic stimuli in abstracted listening situations has a long standing and successful history in hearing research, an increased interest exists on closing the remaining gap towards real-life listening by replicating situations with high ecological validity in the lab. This is important for understanding the underlying auditory mechanisms and their relevance in real-life situations as well as for developing and evaluating increasingly sophisticated algorithms for hearing assistance. A range of - classical'stimuli and paradigms have evolved to de-facto standards in psychoacoustics, which are simplistic and can be easily reproduced across laboratories. While they ideally allow for across laboratory comparisons and reproducible research, they, however, lack the acoustic stimulus complexity and the availability of visual information as observed in everyday life communication and listening situations. This contribution aims to provide and establish an extendable set of complex auditory-visual scenes for hearing research that allow for ecologically valid testing in realistic scenes while also supporting reproducibility and comparability of scientific results. Three virtual environments are provided (underground station, pub, living room), consisting of a detailed visual model, an acoustic geometry model with acoustic surface properties as well as a set of acoustic measurements in the respective real-world environments. The current data set enables i) audio'visual research in a reproducible set of environments, ii) comparison of room acoustic simulation methods with - ground truth acoustic measurements, iii) a condensation point for future extensions and contributions for developments towards standardized test cases for ecologically valid hearing research in complex scenes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2022032
JournalActa Acustica
StatePublished - 2022


  • Complex acoustic environments
  • Ecological validity
  • Room acoustics
  • Speech intelligibility


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