A non-depolarizing CuTi neutron supermirror guide for PERC

A. Hollering, N. Rebrova, C. Klauser, Th Lauer, B. Märkisch, U. Schmidt

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Neutron guides are used to transport slow neutrons from sources to experiments. Conventional neutron supermirror guides use alternating thin layers based on nickel and titanium. Due to the magnetic properties of nickel, their neutron reflection properties are spin-dependent, in particular when exposed to high magnetic fields. Motivated by the requirements of precision experiments on neutron beta decay, we present novel supermirrors based on copper and titanium, which preserve the neutron beam polarization. These show excellent reflectivity and prove to be very stable even when exposed to high temperatures.


  • Cold neutrons
  • Magnetron sputtering
  • Neutron guide
  • Neutron supermirror


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