A measurement of Ξ- polarization in inclusive production by Σ- of 340 GeV/c in C and Cu targets

M. I. Adamovich, Yu A. Alexandrov, S. P. Baranov, D. Barberis, M. Beck, C. Bérat, W. Beusch, M. Boss, S. Brons, W. Brückner, M. Buénerd, Ch Busch, Ch Büscher, F. Charignon, J. Chauvin, E. A. Chudakov, U. Dersch, F. Dropmann, J. Engelfried, F. FallerA. Fournier, S. G. Gerassimov, M. Godbersen, P. Grafström, Th Haller, M. Heidrich, E. Hubbard, R. B. Hurst, K. Königsmann, I. Konorov, N. Keller, K. Martens, Ph Martin, S. Masciocchi, R. Michaels, U. Müller, H. Neeb, D. Newbold, C. Newsom, S. Paul, J. Pochodzalla, B. Povh, R. Ransome, Z. Ren, M. Rey-Campagnolle, G. Rosner, L. Rossi, H. Rudolph, L. Schmitt, H. W. Siebert, A. Simon, V. J. Smith, O. Thilmann, A. Trombini, E. Vesin, B. Volkemer, K. Vorwalter, Th Walcher, G. Wälder, R. Werding, E. Wittmann, M. V. Zavertyaev

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We have measured the polarization of Ξ- hyperons produced inclusively by a Σ- beam of 340 GeV/c momentum in nuclear targets. From a sample of 880000 identified Ξ- decays, polarizations were determined in the range 0 < xF < 0.9 and pt ≤ 1.6 GeV/c. The polarization w.r.t. the production normal is negative for xF ≥ 0.3. At fixed values of xF, its magnitude increases with pt to maximum values which reach about 20% at large xF.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)315-321
Number of pages7
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2004
Externally publishedYes


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