5th-generation mobile communication: Data highway for surgery 4.0

Alissa Jell, Thomas Vogel, Josef Eichinger, Daniel Ostler, Walter Weigel, Nils Marahrens, Hubertus Feussner, Dirk Wilhelm, Helmut Friess, Nicole Samm, Michael Kranzfelder

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Introduction: 5th generation cellular mobile communications (5G) is one of the main requirements for the digi-tal future. The new standard will offer high bandwidths (10GB/s), low latency (<1ms), and a high quality of ser-vice. It is not yet known whether 5G performance is sufficient for demanding eHealth applications (e.g., telemedicine). Material and Methods: We evaluated 5G performance in two different medical applications (person/asset track & tracing and video data transmission for telesurgery) to appraise the impact of this new technology. In addition, a Delphi study was conducted evaluating the expectations and acceptance of 5G in the medical field in general. Results: Delphi study revealed that 5G has great potential for the future information transfer in the healthcare domain, and an increase of research activities for 5G applications in hospitals is needed. Clinical evaluation proved technical feasibility and accuracy of the 5G track & trace prototype solution. For the telepresence use case, the video stream data rate varied between 900KB—1MB/s (7.2–8 Mb/s). The data rate of the robotic control command varied between 2.4–7.2KB/s (19.2–57.6Kb/s). Delay time (latency) ranged between 2–60ms depending on the transmitted data packet length. Seventy-five percent of data packets were processed after 30ms. Conclusion: 5G data transmission volume, rate, and latency met the requirements for real-time track & trace and telemedicine applications. Especially for the latter, 5G data transmission offers a high potential and further research should be carried out.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-7
Number of pages7
JournalSurgical Technology International
StatePublished - 2019
Externally publishedYes


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