Bruno Krucker

Bruno Krucker


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The new studio, developed in a close collaboration with Stephen Bates, explores themes of urbanism and housing in the European city and beyond. Studio Krucker Bates is a place of experimentation where convention and preconceived methodologies are challenged, historical and everyday reference are widely used and encouragement is given to a way of designing spatially and without linearity. Through co-ordinated design projects Studio Krucker Bates seeks to provoke a questioning and enquiry into the ‘art of inhabitation’.

Bruno Krucker, architect ETH BSA, (1961) graduated from ETH Zurich in 1986, where he also attended a postgraduate course at the Institute for History and Theory of architecture. In 1996, together with Thomas von Ballmoos, he established von Ballmoos Krucker architects in Zurich. Bruno Krucker taught at ETH Zurich, first as research assistant with Arthur Rueegg and later, from 1999 to 2005, as Professor of Architectural Design. In 2006, together with Thomas von Ballmoos, he was Visiting Professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne and ran workshops at ESARQ, at the International University of Catalunya in Barcelona with Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates. He lectures regularly in Switzerland and Europe and has been a juror on a number of architectural competitions.