Value of susceptibility-weighted imaging for the assessment of angle measurements reflecting hip morphology

Sarah M. Böker, Lisa C. Adams, Ute Lina Fahlenkamp, Gerd Diederichs, Bernd Hamm, Marcus R. Makowski

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Radiographs are the clinical first line imaging modality for evaluating hip morphology and pathology. MRI offers additional information and is the method of choice to evaluate soft tissue, bone marrow and preradiographic signs of osteoarthritis. Radiographs are used to measure the most morphometric parameters. The aim of this study was to compare susceptibility weighted MRI (SWMR) with radiographs to evaluate hip morphology. 40 Patients were examined with standard MR-sequences, coronal SWMR and radiographs in anteroposterior pelvic view. Coronal maximum intensity projection (MIP) images of both hips were automatically reconstructed on SWMR and T1weighted images. Sharp´s angle, Tönnis angle, lateral center–edge angle of Wiberg and caput-collum-diaphyseal angle were measured on coronal SWMR MIP-images, T1weighted MIP-images and radiographs. Measurements were compared by linear regression analysis and Bland-Altmann Plots, using radiographs as reference standard. Additionally, a ratio between the signal intensity of muscles and bone on SWMR and T1weighted MIP-images was calculated and compared between these two sequences. SWMR enables the reliable assessment of Sharp´s angle (SWMR: R2 = 0.80; T1weighted: R2 = 0.37), Tönnis angle (SWMR: R2 = 0.86; T1weighted: not measurable), lateral center–edge angle of Wiberg (SWMR: R2 = 0.88; T1weighted: R2 = 0.40) and caput-collum-diaphyseal angle (SWMR: R2 = 0.38; T1weighted: R2 = 0.18) compared to radiographs with a higher accuracy than conventional MR imaging. The ratio between the intensity of muscles and bone was significant higher on SWMR (2.00 and 2.02) than on T1weighted MIP-images (1.6 and 1.42; p < 0.001).

FachzeitschriftScientific Reports
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Dez. 2020


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