Strengthening study skills by using ERPsim as a new tool within the Pupils' academy of serious gaming

Matthias Utesch, Robert Heininger, Helmut Krcmar

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Companies are currently calling for more and more graduates with good management and planning skills. But, studies show that rising student numbers lead to a high dropout rate. Thus, strengthening the study skills of the students plays a key role in reducing this dropout rate and should be a key objective of every education system. In particular, universities have the power to improve the study skills of pupils at an early stage through the designed programs and measures. With the Pupils' Academy Serious Gaming, the Department of Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has introduced an instrument to promote the study skills. This initiative aimed primarily at pupils of upper vocational schools (UVS). In addition to the study skills, thus the ability of more application-oriented knowledge transfer objectives and playful introduction to an important enterprise software can be achieved. This paper presents the Pupils' Academy based on the online SAP ERP Simulation Game ERPsim as an example of how the enterprise software SAP ERP is successfully applied to strengthen study skills. In addition, the pupils learn how to deal with the SAP platform and train skills like decision making, analysis, strategy development, data processing and presentation. The positive impact on study skills is evidenced with the help of a self-assessment by means of an IT-based survey carried out by the participating students. These examinations include the activities related to the two study skills time management and teamwork.

TitelProceedings of 2016 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON 2016
Untertitel"Smart Education in Smart Cities"
Herausgeber (Verlag)IEEE Computer Society
ISBN (elektronisch)9781467386333
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 19 Mai 2016
Veranstaltung2016 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON 2016 - Abu Dhabi, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Dauer: 10 Apr. 201613 Apr. 2016


NameIEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON
ISSN (Print)2165-9559
ISSN (elektronisch)2165-9567


Konferenz2016 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, EDUCON 2016
Land/GebietVereinigte Arabische Emirate
OrtAbu Dhabi


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