Muon transfer from protium to helium

S. Tresch, P. Ackerbauer, W. H. Breunlich, M. Cargnellia, D. Chatellard, J. P. Egger, T. Von Egidy, A. Fischer, B. Gärtner, F. J. Hartmann, R. Jacot-Guillarmod, E. Jeannetc, P. Kammela, R. King, G. Kminek, B. Lauss, J. Marton, M. Mühlbauer, F. Mulhauser, C. PetitjeanC. Piller, W. Prymas, L. A. Schaller, L. Schellenberg, H. Schneuwly, E. Steininger, Y. A. Thalmann, A. Werthmuller, J. Zmeskala

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Muon transfer from hydrogen isotopes to helium is of importance in muon-catalyzed fusion and serves as a unique tool for the direct observation of the mesomolecular ion (puHe)*. During two data-taking runs in 1994 and 1995 at PSI, measurements of the transfer from protium to helium were carried out using CCD's and Ge-diodes as independent X-ray detectors to obtain information on the time distribution and intensity of the 7 keV decay X-ray of the mesomolecular ion. Dual 1H2 +4 He and triple 1H2 + Ne + 3,4He gas mixtures at low temperatures were investigated to extract transfer rates. Protium of high purity was available. For the first time a transfer rate from muonic protium to 3He was measured. A general survey of our measurements and preliminary analysis is presented.

Seiten (von - bis)221-227
FachzeitschriftHyperfine Interactions
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1996
Extern publiziertJa


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