Limiting factors for seedling emergence and establishment of the invasive non-native Rosa rugosa in a coastal dune system

Johannes Kollmann, Lise Frederiksen, Peter Vestergaard, Hans Henrik Bruun

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The relative importance of seed, habitat and microhabitat limitation has rarely been investigated for invasive non-native species, although this is critical for their effective management and for predicting future range expansion. Rosa rugosa is an abundant non-native shrub in coastal habitats of NW Europe; it is common along the Baltic coast but more scarce in exposed dunes of the North Sea. To investigate whether invasion of exposed dunes is limited by seed, habitat and microhabitat limitation, seedling emergence and establishment were examined in a factorial sowing, transplant and disturbance experiment. Twenty plots were randomly placed in each of five dune habitats (white dune, Empetrum dune, grey dune, outer dune heath, inner dune heath), and studied over 2 years. Seedling emergence in control subplots was zero in all habitats, whereas 96% and 98% of the undisturbed and disturbed seeded subplots produced seedlings. Disturbance had a positive effect on emergence and subsequent survival in white dune, outer and inner dune heath. Seedling survival and growth, and growth of transplanted seedlings, were markedly lower in grey dune. These findings indicate that establishment of R. rugosa is seed-limited in coastal dune habitats, and that the species is able to establish in both active and fixed dunes once seeds have arrived. Although differential seedling emergence and growth indicate that habitats differ in their degree of invasion susceptibility by R. rugosa, the positive influence of small-scale disturbance suggests microhabitat limitation in some dune habitats as well. Dune management should aim to reduce seed production and dispersal of R. rugosa in near-natural sites, and anthropogenic changes of habitat dynamics should be prevented.

Seiten (von - bis)31-42
FachzeitschriftBiological Invasions
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Jan. 2007
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