Human–object interaction prediction in videos through gaze following

Zhifan Ni, Esteve Valls Mascaró, Hyemin Ahn, Dongheui Lee

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Understanding the human–object interactions (HOIs) from a video is essential to fully comprehend a visual scene. This line of research has been addressed by detecting HOIs from images and lately from videos. However, the video-based HOI anticipation task in the third-person view remains understudied. In this paper, we design a framework to detect current HOIs and anticipate future HOIs in videos. We propose to leverage human gaze information since people often fixate on an object before interacting with it. These gaze features together with the scene contexts and the visual appearances of human–object pairs are fused through a spatio-temporal transformer. To evaluate the model in the HOI anticipation task in a multi-person scenario, we propose a set of person-wise multi-label metrics. Our model is trained and validated on the VidHOI dataset, which contains videos capturing daily life and is currently the largest video HOI dataset. Experimental results in the HOI detection task show that our approach improves the baseline by a great margin of 36.3% relatively. Moreover, we conduct an extensive ablation study to demonstrate the effectiveness of our modifications and extensions to the spatio-temporal transformer. Our code is publicly available on.

FachzeitschriftComputer Vision and Image Understanding
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Aug. 2023
Extern publiziertJa


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