Ferromagnetic Ge(Mn) nanostructures

S. Ahlers, D. Bougeard, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter, A. Trampert, W. Kipferl, M. Sperl, A. Bergmaier, G. Dollinger

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We present structural, magnetic and transport properties of Mn-doped Ge layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) at low substrate temperatures TS. Atomic force microscopy (AFM), reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis of structures grown at TS = 70 {ring operator} C and 120 {ring operator} C reveal defect-free epitaxy of Ge(Mn) on Ge(0 0 1) substrates. Despite the low TS we observe the formation of round shaped clusters with a diameter of 15-20 nm which are incoherent with the Ge matrix in TEM analysis for a Mn concentration x of 3.4%. SQUID measurements reveal ferromagnetism and a TC of around 300 {ring operator} C for the layers, reminiscent of the intermetallic compound Mn5 Ge3. Transport measurements, however, indicate that Mn is incorporated into the Ge matrix between the Mn5 Ge3 clusters as well.

Seiten (von - bis)422-425
FachzeitschriftPhysica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures
Ausgabenummer1-2 SPEC. ISS.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Mai 2006


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