Carbon neutral hydrogen storage and release cycles based on dual-functional roles of formamides

Duo Wei, Xinzhe Shi, Henrik Junge, Chunyu Du, Matthias Beller

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The development of alternative clean energy carriers is a key challenge for our society. Carbon-based hydrogen storage materials are well-suited to undergo reversible (de)hydrogenation reactions and the development of catalysts for the individual process steps is crucial. In the current state, noble metal-based catalysts still dominate this field. Here, a system for partially reversible and carbon-neutral hydrogen storage and release is reported. It is based on the dual-functional roles of formamides and uses a small molecule Fe-pincer complex as the catalyst, showing good stability and reusability with high productivity. Starting from formamides, quantitative production of CO-free hydrogen is achieved at high selectivity (> 99.9%). This system works at modest temperatures of 90 °C, which can be easily supplied by the waste heat from e.g., proton-exchange membrane fuel cells. Employing such system, we achieve >70% H2 evolution efficiency and >99% H2 selectivity in 10 charge-discharge cycles, avoiding undesired carbon emission between cycles.

FachzeitschriftNature Communications
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Dez. 2023
Extern publiziertJa


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